Friday, September 22, 2017

Boulder Birkenstocks

So I've completed my second pair of Vagina slipper series shoes! I call these the Boulder Birkenstocks as to me they have that kind of vibe to them. Unlike the last pair of shoes these actually were inspired by a drawing verses a real pair of shoes.

I happened across this drawing in one of my books on sketchbook books and loosely copied it for the cover image on my Vagina Slipper sketchbook. 

I then liked that sketch so much I decided to see if I could make an actual pair of ceramic shoes from it! Talk about your challenges! First I had to figure out how to secure the clay once the strap was in place so that it would keep the round shape. Once I figured that out, then I had to secure the straps and get the angle of them so that they curved down like in the drawing. In the end, I have mixed feelings about them - I enjoy them because they are structurally more complex than the last pair but visually they actually look a little bit like a skeleton form! 

The last strap goes back a little further than in the drawing and they are a bit on the large size as fair as women’s shoes go, so for the pair that I'm currently working on I intentionally make them the size of my actual foot (so a size 6) without upsizing for the ceramic shrinkage... we show see how those turn out. They too have straps, even more intricate than these and unlike these they are based off of a shoe I have. In fact, it is the shoe my bridesmaids worn in my wedding! I love them so much I bought a pair... they are super beautiful and hurt like hell to wear! But for now I give you the Boulder Birkenstocks!


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