Monday, July 24, 2017

Breast Replacements

I've been remiss on my posting! Especially since I now see the last post I did on the One in Eight installation was when I finished the Caucasian flesh colored breasts! Since then I've completed the black breasts as well as the Hispanic flesh colored breasts. Both interesting as I've never actually see the breast of either a black woman or that of a Hispanic woman's breast... and forget trying to look up a reference on the internet! Even when you search for art history images of nude women I've discovered their breasts (at least the area I'm focusing on) is covered! So in the end, my friend and colleague whom I'm collaborating with describe to me what her breast looked like and based on that I painted the black breasts and then based on my knowledge of how the black and white nipples were rendered and my knowledge of painting Hispanic flesh tones, I gave the third ethnic breast a go... I figure these are not meant to be exact replicas but rather symbolic and or metaphoric so I do have some wiggle room.

In any case, the image below shows me constructing two new replacement breasts for the two boobs that broke in the painting process - actually they broke either when I picked them up or while in the basket which shows you how fragile they actually are which that in it self is very metaphorical if you think about it!

Breast Replacement Proceedure

Then the next photograph is the completed basket of disembodied breasts! There are a total of 160 boobs in this basket of that 160-breast count, 20 of them have cancer or One in Eight. The last thing I have to do is start drafting the artists' statement and while I'm working on that Tya is working on photographing eight women for the other half of the installation. 

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