Thursday, June 29, 2017

Vagina Slipper series

So in addition to getting back to the installation One in Eight I'm also starting up on the Vagina Slipper series again. Although it might seem like I haven't been working on this series, over the last few months I've built the stand that will help me form the arch of the high heel shoes and I've been experimenting with glazes so I can learn and understand how they work. If one thing I've learned about working in ceramics is that there is a lot to learn! I will be posting images of the glaze tests with the names of the glazes. I figure I will also post them on Instagram for people who might be interested in glazes!

In the mean time, after my first round of failed vagina slippers that looked more like clogs, this pair will be titled Ruby Red Slippers a play on the shoes in the Wizard of Oz. Of course they will be updated to the 21st century and will be ruby red stiletto! Red uppers with black heels and vagina inners. And... on the sole of the shoe I will use my chop to imprint my signature!

Ruby Red Slippers

Kim Putnam Chop

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