Friday, January 27, 2017

Progress Report on the OutHouse

Although the cold weather has made working on the OutHouse a challenge (shop tools and cold fingers don't go well together), I am coming along on the project!

I did some tweaking on the front of the bench by adding an extra panel so that it appeared a little more finished visually.
Here I am installing the front wall of the Out House. It was a little tricker than the other walls because the front is constructed a little differently with the support beams and the door frame.

Next up is the construction of the door frame. It was a relatively easy project although I must say I managed to strip a number of screws in the process - it seems the wood gets harder the longer it sits and dries out.
Interestingly even though I measured and measured again the door seems to be a wee bit wider at the top than the bottom so placing the panels involved some creative spacing... needless to say this OutHouse will have excellent ventilation!

Door is installed! I had to take it to RMCAD prior to install so my assistant and I could cut the Moon/Star into it - I created the template which he then transfered to the door and cut! The handle and the hinges are stainless steel.
And the door works!

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