Friday, January 27, 2017

On other Gender Neutral Fronts

While I'm constructing the OutHouse, I've also been working on other pieces for the Gender Neutral exhibition including the bucket for the OutHouse (I mean in theory you have to pee somewhere, right?)
This is the second version as I blew a hole in the first bucket by doing a not so great job of glazing! When building this one, I made sure I made the sides thicker and I changed up the part where the handle will be attached, so actually it was a good thing I blew up the first bucket as I'm like this one much better! Currently it is being fired, assuming that goes well, I can glaze this one - doing a much better job this time around and it will be complete about mid February. 

I'm discovering that making these large vessels takes much longer to complete than it did when I was making the Cupcakes...

Once I finished building the bucket, it was then onto my Chamber Pot series, or rather the Pot to Pee In series! Prior to indoor plumbing, chamber pots were used to go to the bathroom at night when a trip to the outhouse was less desirable. After researching various pot designs I came up with my own variation.

This is chamber pot #1, first made out of porcelain and then I made a second one out of B Clay as porcelain was not proving to be cooperative in this endeabor. What you see here is the porcelain version which is also in the process of being fired. The B Clay one is still in the drying stage.

This is an example of my paper template for Chamber Pot #2. Because I'm not the greatest at math, I'm discovering I'm having a hard time figuring out the angles of the pot sides. I did find a free program on the internet that can formulate and print out a basic cone template but then its up to me to figure out how to piece it together to make the pot. 

I've begun construction of this one in clay but it is still in process. It will be a little shorter than the first one. As far as the third one (it will be a series of three pots total), it is still in the sketching stage. Soooo.... that's it for now! 

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  1. A few comments on your fine outhouse project.
    Having grown up in a rural part of Michigan I had the distinct pleasure (?) of having used outhouses as the only means of socially acceptable relief until I was about six when we got our first indoor plumbing. It wasn't unusual to use them into my teens. Unlike your example most outhouses where I grew up were placed over a latrine dug into the ground (you can't do that of course) and they were moved every one or two years. Also they invariably had two holes. Now, I don't recall ever sitting next to anybody but presumably it wasn't unheard of (why else....?) Also, one item you need to include is the ubiquitous Sears and Roebuck catalog (or possibly Spiegel which wasn't as interesting). Many of them also had a corn cob hanging on a string as a sort of inside joke. What wasn't so funny were the critters that were often encountered within...every insect imaginable plus four legged critters and even snakes. Not often but - User Beware! And of course many bedrooms had a chamber pot under the bed (we called them "thunder mugs") and often the cover was decorated with a hand crocheted wrap. The rule was "if you used it you emptied and cleaned it". They weren't used very often!
    Almost traditional was tipping outhouses over on Halloween (only once that I recall that it was occupied - didn't get it over!!!)
    Signed, Anonymous