Monday, November 21, 2016

The Gender Neutral Out House construction continues

Dispite dark coming earlier these days, snowy weather, broken drill bits, running out of screws and some warping of wood... construction continues on the Out House! Last week I completed the third wall of the House. This Wednesday my assistant and I will set to work seeing if the three walls will actually come together, we will make whateve adjustments needed and start to actually assemble the structure! I want to do this before we start on the forth wall which will be more complicated because it has the door. So here are some progress shots documenting the construction.

The frame

It was late in the day when I finally got the frame for wall three completed. Warped and spliting wood proved to be the challenge of the day!

 Construction begins, luckily when I was cutting the planks for side wall one I also cut and numbered the planks for side wall number two - this made building this wall so much easiler that the first one...

Or so I thought going into it... Three broken drill bits later and a run to Home Depot!

Back from HD production begins again... as it grows later in the day

Of course once the drill bits were purchased, I ran out of screws! So another run to the hardware store for yet more supplies...

Finally though the job gets done and now we have side wall number two complete!

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