Monday, November 14, 2016

Progress report on Gender Neutral Outhouse

Progress continues on the OutHouse. I've signed on an assistant to help with the construction of the OutHouse as well as work with me on the over all project. Mark Fitzsimmons is a former student of mine from RMCAD. During my opening reception for Objects of Desire he volunteered to help with the project after overhearing me tell another friend at the opening about my new concept and how I have never built a thing in my life but decided it was time to learn. So in turn, I inquired at school how we could turn this adventure into something that would also benefit him and thus he is my intern working on a Professional Experience internship with me. Although I refer to him as an assistant verses an intern because it puts us on more equal terms and feels more like a collaboration. 

And so progress continues... last Wednesday we built the frame for wall one.

The peak was a challenge but together we made it happen! And so here is the frame. The back end (my side) is 6 feet and the front (Mark's side) is 7 and 1/2 feet in height. 

Then on Friday I cut the planks and screwed them into our frame. Because the peak was challenging on Wednesday I figured I would start with that and work my way down.

And here is the fruit of my labor! Man looking at this picture the OutHouse looks huge! For some reason our modern day Port-O-Potties don't seem this big! Is it my imagination?

Then today I sketched out the construction of the Front of the OutHouse, figuring out the measurements and the various components that will go into constructing it, starting with the frame and then layering the different stages. 

Of course before we begin the construction of the front, the second sidewall needs to be built. That should be much easier the second time around because we were forward thinking when we were building the first sidewall in that while we were cutting the pieces for that one we also cut the pieces for the second wall. I also did the same thing on Friday with the planks so (in theory) it should be easy-peasy to construct on Wednesday. I will work solo on that one because of busy schedules this week but then we will join forces to build the front. Prior to that though I think I need to revisit how I'm going to connect the four walls and make sure I thought that aspect of the construction through. 

Overall, it’s been a fantastic experience and I'm finding I really like working with electric saws, drills and screwdrivers! It's also great having an assistant! Especially one that was a former medic in the military so that if I do something like cut off a finger, he can sew it back on easy-peasy! 

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