Thursday, November 24, 2016

And.... We Have Three Walls!

Wednesday was a big day for the OutHouse.... it was the day we were to see if the walls we've been building would actually go together! Not having ever built anything before (I haven't but my assistant Mark has - Thank God!) we were constructing via my drawings in the sketchbook which again I have never designed a building before so it was really interesting to see if my 2D drawings would actually translate to 3D and.... here is what we have!

I'm behind the OutHouse holding the two walls together as Mark prepares to screw them together.

After they are screwed together we added metal brackets to make them more structurally sound.

And we have three walls! Mark and I have also decided that this OutHouse is way bigger than the Port-O-Potties we have today! We also added the support beams that are the first steps in building the bench of the OutHouse. The Porcelain bucket is also being constructed and currently in the kiln to be fired.

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