Monday, October 10, 2016

Materials for The Outhouse Installation

Now that I'm finished preparing for my upcoming exhibition Objects of Desire that opens October 20th at Core New Art Space in Denver Colorado, I can begin working on my 2017 show titled Gender Neutral.  

The idea of art activism seems to grow stronger with each new body of work I create. My interest in identity and gender as subject matter continues to evolve. The concept for Gender Neutral is inspired by the struggles of my transgender college students and the recent controversy in the news over gender specific restrooms. Through this next body of work, I hope to call attention to the fact that gender specific restrooms were not always the case. Moreover, the idea that transgender people should be denied the right to use public restrooms that are specific to their chosen gender is discrimination. It is through this work that I hope to show my support for my students and people of transgender. They are not nor have they ever been the predators. It is the heterosexual whose sense of entitlement is driven by the 'male gaze' to objectify women and demonizes transgender individuals, they are the true predators not the later. 

And so... work on Gender Neutral begins with construction materials for The Outhouse, a site-specific installation (it will be full scale but not operational!)