Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Preparing for Exhibition

So I'm now a little over a month away from my October show which will open October 20th next month and I've pretty much spent all my studio hours since being back from Anderson Ranch, prepping for the show. I had new business cards made (see image below)

This is the front - the image is taken from a recent sugar lift print I made at a workshop I attended at Anderson Ranch Art Center located in Snowmass Village, Colorado. The back will have all my contact info, website, blog etc... I'm in the process of scheduling a photo shoot for some of the work in the show so I can create an exhibition card. I've met with my friend Jeff Weihing who has built my stretchers bars in the past to make my hanging pedestals which I will then stain a dark, warm chocolate brown. On these will be the sculpture installation piece(s) Twenty-four Cupcakes and One Banana Split. I just finished adding the sterling silver cherry stems to the cupcakes, I comissioned my friend Kim Harrell to make the stems , (see below)

Tomorrow I will sand these little wooden block pedestals for the stand alone sculptures titled Twins, From the 007 Collection, and Tween. Then I'm hoping I can get the text piece completed (I'm working with a friend of mine who has kindly taken on the illustrator component of the piece) which includes the 100+ slang names for women's breasts(this was part of my research for the series.) What I'd really like to do is also turn that piece into a limited edition tee shirt series but can't do that until the text piece is finished and I'm not sure when that will be... am just hoping we can at least get it done in time for the exhibition. I also need to draft a new artist statement that pretains to the show. Then the last thing I need to do is get the signage made! All the while, I'm still trying to make other new works of art for future shows but as you can imaging that is proving to be challenging! Right now I'm just trying to get my next sketchbook made for the 2017 exhibition concept that I've benn mulling over for the last few months (in my free time of course... whenever that is!)