Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vagina Slipper - left foot

So this week the girls start returning to school with Bella being the first to return. This means I am finally getting back into the studio on more regular bases! I'm also starting another teaching gig in a couple of weeks so I've been experimenting with my schedule so I can manage my time between the three teaching jobs and my studio practice and keeping up with my yoga and meditation. 

This week the big creative adventure was reorganizing the studio so I have a space to also work on my three-dimensional work in this case working with porcelain clay. After getting the space together, I also spent some time looking through CAFE for open calls and found a really interesting one that motivated me to start actively working on my Vagina Slipper concept.

The call is for a group show that includes all media with the one caveat being that the viewers need to be able to touch the artwork as it is for viewers who are visually impaired. This adds another element to the vagina slipper in that it now deals with two kinds of taboos; one relating to touching artwork and the other touching a woman's vagina. In the case of the vagina slippers the viewer will be encouraged and in the process focused to take on both taboos.

Vagina Slipper - left foot

Vagina Slipper - left foot is the first of two slippers. It was interesting to figure out how to construct a shoe and then to combine that with the vagina, which I had learned to make a few weeks back. This pair of slippers is low heel slippers. Once I get these done, I'm going to try my hand at slippers with heels and then possibly a half slipper. These later ideas started forming as I was working on this shoe. I think too I will do some more research on different styles of shoes/slippers and see if other inspirations come  about... I will do this until I've exhausted the concept.

The other thing I realized this morning was for this show I need to figure out how to attach the slippers to a base so that as the viewers are feeling the sculpture they are not going to risk dropping or knocking off a slipper while they explore the sculpture through touch.