Friday, July 1, 2016

Vagina Slippers (work in progress)

So as I continue to work on my Objects of Desire show, which will be my first venture into three dimensional sculpture and clay, I periodically get new ideas as I'm working with the clay. There have been many... some are still in sketchbook format with the concept and construction still being worked out either in my head or on paper... others have been worked out but the time to create them or it (I'm thinking of one in particular) is not right as I currently don't have a large enough space to build it... 

But last week, I sketched out my Vagina Slipper idea of how I was envisioning it and Wednesday (two days ago) I started working on the Marquette of it. I figure best to first make a Marquette so I can figure out how to construct it. We had a sub for our instructor in my sculpture class and it just so happens she is experienced in making clay vaginas! So after I finished glazing a 1/2 dozen cupcakes, I began making a porcelain vagina! Of course in theory a Marquette is suppose to be small but mine seems to be a little on the big size. But I figure I'm still ok because in addition to figuring out how to construct the slipper out of porcelain and make the vagina beautiful I also need to understand how much this particular type of clay will shrink! 

I've also got an idea for the glaze but I'm going to do some testing first via making some small porcelain wine cups! I'm in no particular hurry to complete my newest sculpture because I've no place to show it (yet) so this gives me the luxury of time so I can really delve into the creative process of working with porcelain, something I hope to do more of as I complete my pieces for the Objects of Desire exhibition that will show at Core in October of 2016.

For now, here are a few images of the work in progress!

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