Friday, July 29, 2016

Concept Drawings for Sheath (condom) Dress Sculpture

So as I've been working on the cupcake sculptures for my upcoming Objects of Desire exhibition that is coming up this October, other sculpture ideas start creeping into my always-working brain!  These concept drawings are one of those ideas... I've always been interested in fashion (hence my venture into scarf designs for, even when I was in graduate school at #MassArt the concept of combining art and fashion was always in the back of my mind. 

The Sheath Dress sculpture is the first experiment into this exploration. Starting this fall I will be collaborating with one of my ceramic classmates who also has a welding studio to build the dress hanger and armature on which I will somehow attach porcelain condoms to create the texture of the dress. Originally I was thinking the whole dress would be made of the porcelain condoms but an alternative to this would be the bodice of the dress is made of porcelain and the lower half would be made of latex. 

The hanger materials that I'm thinking will be steel/steel rope combined with copper and is in the shape of an IUD! I'm not sure what the meaning is behind the dress and hanger but I figure I have time to figure that out. I'm working with my ceramic instructor to figure out how to make the porcelain condoms (which will be a gazillion in the making... and I though making 24 ceramic cupcakes was intense!)

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