Friday, June 10, 2016


As I continue to work on my ceramics for my show in October at Core New Art Space, I started to also play around with the idea of including 2D work in the show which as of right now is predominately made up of small sculptures. This drawing which I'm calling Hugs is a work I just finished last night (or at least I think it is finished... it needs to sit a while before I decide for sure.) Accompanying this drawing will be a companion piece I will call Kisses. The intent for both is to focus on the geometric shapes of actual objects that are one thing but if abstracted both visually and or conceptually then take on a different meaning. Both play on words, which are also what, the sculptures do.... 

Not sure if I want to include it or not, guess I will just wait and see. I wonder, how many works of art artists make that never actually make it out of the studio?