Friday, May 27, 2016

Blue Skies, Earth, Wind and Rain series

Wow I just looked at the date of my last blog entry! I need to get back on schedule of posting... needless to say I have been working in the studio, just not had time to blog. I've got some catching up to do to say the least. As always, I'm working on a number of projects (I call them projects because the type of art work varies from individual pieces to series, from paintings to drawings, sculptures to installations so for me to keep track of everything I call them projects). A project that I just finished is the Blue Skies, Earth, Wind and Rain series. This body of work was an off shoot from the Dark Mark project that I am still working on and basically was inspired by all the crazy spring weather we've been getting here in Denver. After So much late snow in March and April my inner spirit was in desperate need of sunshine and blue skies... but just when I thought it was over then comes more rain, intense wind and mud! And so was born the Blue Skies, Earth, Wind and Rain series. Actually there are two sets the mini series and the regular series. 

#6 Blue Skies, Earth, Wind and Rain 
Oil, Pastel and Gesso on Paper
6 x 6 inches

This image is #6 in the regular series and is one of my favorites. As you can see, I'm still experimenting with Abstraction and working intuitively with my mark making and brush strokes. The color palette for this series, which is well represented in this image, is a combination of neutral tans, browns, and tinted burnt sienna, white and pale blue. The strokes in #6 make me think of the wind, which is seriously intense in Stapleton where I live (Stapleton use to be an airport which perhaps explains the intensity of the wind). So when I look at this image I'm reminded of the wind, and the clouds as they move through the sky and the changing hues of the clouds as storms roll in. The darker browns for me anyway represent the earth as it combines with the rain and the run off of the water as it moves over the earth. The soil in our area is actually heavy with clay, hence the use of burnt sienna and reference to run off... as I learn to garden in my micro 'Putnam Farm' I'm discovering that clay does not absorb the water as much as regular soil and so the combined earth tones and the flow of the paint represents the contrast between the clay and soil in my garden. 

#7 Mini Blue Skies, Earth, Wind and Rain
Oil Paint, Pastel, Gesso on Paper
3 x 3 inches

As I noted above, March and April in Colorado can be some of the heaviest snow months for us. In #7 of the mini series we again see the wind but with more use of white, which represents the combination of snow and hail, which usually starts out as rain, then moves to hail and or snow. Last year Bella and I got caught in one of the most intense hailstorms that I've (we've) ever experienced. My car windows did not break but I had over $5,000 worth of hail damage and think perhaps I was traumatized by the experience because now I try at all cost to make sure I (we) are home and the car is safely protected in the garage if I know hail is in the forecast. Now if only I can figure out how to protect the plants! I call this set the mini series because the paintings are smaller, 3 x 3 inches and there are fewer in the set. 

There are more in both series but rather than post them all on the blog I'm going to post them on my website so if you are interested in seeing the entire series go to and click on Art work and then Abstracts. I will be updating the website after I finish this blog post! 

I'm pleased with the outcome of both series and I'm envisioning them framed in light wood frames that are deep, floating on a neutral colored mat so as to continue the environmental theme from artwork to frame.