Thursday, April 7, 2016

Today was a Learning Day in the Studio

As I noted in my last post, I got a late start in the studio today. I framed up a drawing and then started on making a new sketchbook. I actually got the components together a couple of weeks ago but was waiting on my screw punch so I could assemble it. Screw punch finally arrived (from China no less!) and I spent the afternoon punching wholes in the cover and back - the sketchbook is actually made like an artist book... I made both the cover and the back and with the help of youtube and my book making books I recently picked up I taught myself how to sew a coptic stitch. After a few do overs I final got my head around the stitch... gees you'd think it was rocket science or something like that!

Anyway I'm really pleased with the outcome (couldn't believe how freaking long it took me to punch holes!) and now I have a sketchbook for my abstract + Figure explorations. I used bristol paper which is a heavier stock paper so I should (in theory) be able to work in both dry and wet media in the book. I should add I also made the ink drawing insert that you see on the cover below. I learned to do that along with creating the cover in a book making workshop I took a couple of weeks ago and then I learned the concept of making the sketchbook from a workshop I attended up in Breckenridge a year or so ago.

Basically I like to have different sketchbooks for different projects, or concepts or media if an idea is media specific; for example, I have a sketchook for my cupcake series which over time has started to morph into the idea of 'Object of Desire'. I have a sketchook for book making and another one for spur of the moment ideas or doodles (that one I try and keep with me at all times - even by my bedside at night!) My friend Diane gave me that one for my birthday. And now I have this one for the abstract process studies I've been working on over the last few months!

Its funny, sometimes I just have the one book with me, other times I might have all of them because I'm not sure what I want to work on. The nice thing is they are relatively small and very light weight... not like the books you get in the art supply stores which are usually heavy, cumbersome, and not very flexible... or they are too flexible and the covers tear off! I first learned how to make super simple sketchbooks in graduate school and after that I was hooked! It is so much nicer being able to make your own and then you can customize them to whatever size you want with whatever bells and whistles... in my sketchbook for bookmaking I added small pockets on the inside cover so I could keep binding examples and other templates in the book for reference material. And... with the sketchbook that Diane gave me I figured out a what to attach the pen she gave me to go with it so that I always had the pen in hand!  Yep.... I love my sketchbooks!

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