Thursday, April 21, 2016

Studio funk... missing Prince

Sadly the production part of today did not start out well... as I logged on to send out a Core gallery press release and reach out to another whole sale framing company I discovered the musician Prince had died... he was only 7 years older than I am... I loved his music... grew up with in the 80's! With sadness I ventured down to the studio, sketched out a portrait, I'm trying to figure out how to combine portraiture/figurative work with abstraction, sounds easy but I'm discovering it is not... trying to break from realism is like trying to forget how to talk!

I had to break to take Tess to the doctors and then errands relating to that appointment and then finally it was back to the studio! Only a couple of hours work but I'm feeling OK with the results. I'm trying to work out simplifying the colors, painting more in blocks of color, drawing and painting, using gestural strokes and dark marks. I'm also experimenting with blocking off sections of the painting.

The canvas I'm using is one that I've already painted on so its on its second life. When I restretched it, I wasn't able to line it up correctly so I've decided that one this is finished I'm going to cut it off the bars and frame it in a shadow box type frame, sort of like a fragment of fabric or piece of tapestry. BUT... only if I'm satified with the end results. So here is the painting in progress... I'm giving it a rest until next week or there abouts so it has time to breath and I can step back and not over work it.

Originally Sarah was suppose to be a part of my American Beauties series, still is but I also wanted to give it a go with this experiment. If it works, I might consider redoing the Beauties in a large scale in this type of format.


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