Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Portrait experiments

Today's studio day started with me watching a documentary DVD on Alberto Giacometti which was really inspiring and I even learned some new things about his creative process as well as the story behind the matchbox sculptures... so cool!

After that, I decided to experiment with my portraiture, but what model could I use? As always I called upon my cheap goto gal... me! I've been wanting to figure out how to combine my portraiture with the abstract but couldn't quite figure out how to do it, still haven't but I figured I had to start somewhere so I started in my new abstract sketchbook.

Self Portrait Experiment 1 (inspired by Giacometti)

Self Portrait Experiment 2 ( also inspired by Giacometti)

Self Portrait 4 (Combining my abstract experiments)

This on is more of an experiemnt to figure out how to render a face with minimal marks and shapes of color. The next one I've eliminated the color and focused on line. 

This is a fun one but Andy is right it is more like a characture or a cartoon. But it's a start...

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