Saturday, March 26, 2016

The stuff I made in the Studio this week

So I watched a news clip of a friend and colleague of mine Martha Russo and I loved one of the comments she made during the interview "I make stuff", it reall stuck with me so much so I adapted it to my blog post title this week! My studio days were a little wonkie this week due to the blizzard and snow days. I worked on the big painting which I think I blogged about earlier and then Wednesday we were snowed in and our respective schools were all closed for the day so I took and advantage and did some drawing, continuing to experiment with my tin of graphite.

Then on Thursday which was actually my studio day the girls had a second snow day so I spent most of the day with them, but near the end of the day I went down and puttered around... I watched some more Youtube videos on book making and decided I'd use that bit of knowledge combined with what I learned at the workshop I attended recently to make myself a new sketchbook for my abstract drawing experiments and idea recording. I had ordered a screw punch to drill holes into the book binding boards that I use for the cover and the back so I actually won't be able to complete the book until that tool arrives. I actually used one of the sheets of paste paper I made for the interior sides and I made a small abstract drawing on a piece of scrap paper from the paste paper and attached it to the cover of the book.

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