Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Large Scale painting (in progress)

Sadly I didn't get as much time in the studio as I would have liked between taking Tess to the Doctors and dropping of my CCCS paperwork to the HR department my studio day was more or less shot. I did get a couple of hours in though, first gessoing some paper in preparation for more dark mark drawings and then working on my large scale painting.
The important thing I accomplised today is I got the color scheme right this time! No more yellow and orange... that just did not feel right for this piece. Now it needs to sit for a few days so I can study it and observe and decide if I want to add the dark marks in oil paint so the texture is consistant with the other paint or do I want to use an oil stick which would add an new texture and make the lines stand out. Sadly I had a black oil stick at some point that I picked up for another painting experiment a few years back but now I have no idea where it is! Ugh so that means another trip to the art supply store! I'm liking this painting so much better than the one that was underneath it! That one was Kim as Jesus Christ and it was terrible! I will say though it has been a bit of a challenge painting over an old image. It will be interesting to see if there really is a difference in painting abstractly on a fresh canvas verses a recycled one... but I have a number of canvas already stretched with images that I want to paint over so that will just have to wait for another time!

I also decided today that I need to make myself a sketchbook for this exploration so I have a place to sketch out random ideas as the come, that way I don't have to wait for the gesso to dry! I try and have a seperate sketchbook for each concept. So I have one for the cupcakes, one for my research into book making, one for random ideas, one for the mirror/male gaze exploration and now or soon to be one for the dark mark ideas! I need to research where I can pick up an awl though so that I can make a proper sketchbook with a good solid cover. I found a great YouTube video that helps explain the coptic stitch which is what I learned at a workshop a while ago but it was complicated and I couldn't remember how to do it.

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