Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dark Mark exploration continues

Today was a fantastic studio day! I've decided to continue exploring the dark mark and focusing on the process of making a mark in different mediums. I started out experimenting with graphite in both pencil and powder form painting the graphite onto the paper, making repetitive marks, and exploring the value contrasts of the marks. Then I combined the graphite with gesso, didn't like that so much. Then I moved back to the powder, used both a flat and a round brush to vary my marks and then drew with a smaller graphite pencil breaking the planes of the larger brush marks. I liked the outcome of that experiment.

Next I decided to try the same experiment only with oil paint. I started out using black, white and gray paint, experimenting with the negative space and hard and soft edges. The painting reminded me of Franz Kine's work so I took a break and looked up some of his paintings as well as that of Helen Frankenthaler. After looking at their work, I studied my little painting for a while and decided it needed a touch of blue and so I added a bit with a blue pastel and went over it lightly with gamsol to soften the texture of the pastel.

After this I took a lunch break and went out and picked up another memory chip for my camera. Each day as I walk Molly I've been noticing marks and lines in the environment in which we walk and I decided perhaps I should start taking some reference photos I can use as inspiration for my marks. 

Of course, even though it is 70 degress outside, it was cloudy when I took my photography walk! I'm thinking the top photo might look better as a vertical. The bottom one I really liked because it had a natural hint of blue. Its funny how you can find interesting compositions in the cracks and debry that are found in and on the side walk on which you walk. I think I will continue to take photo references, next time on a sunny day so I can photograph the shadow marks/lines that appear in the environment.

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