Monday, February 8, 2016

Self imposed Artist Residency begings today

Last week I was in an creative funk and as a response to it I've decided I need to do an artist residency... not having any money or time off I've decided to have a residency in my own studio (actually I stole the idea from my artist friend Diane)... so today starts my 3 week artists residency where I'm going to explore my creative process (not sure if I really have one and if I do I'm thinking I need to go deeper into the process). Each studio day, I'm going to enter without having a particular goal in mind other than to work more intuitively, to forget about deadlines (my October show is weighing heavy on me as silly as that sounds) and just focus on the process of creating. Hopefully this residency will help me through or even better out of my creative funk! 

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