Monday, February 1, 2016

American Beauty #5 - Sandy

I finished tweaking American Beauty # 5 Sandy today, one of those days when you just keep noodling and the next thing you know two hours have flown by! Sadly I think this pictures is a little on the fuzzy side.. .Boo... the actual painting is sharper. End the day working on a sketchbook project that I'm doing with my friend Lisa Kennedy (we send a sketchbook back and forth to each other), I started it a while ago but had to stop to finish Sinful Delights. I have the painted part of my "sketch" done, now its back to the collage part. I'm using Gustave Klimt as my inspiration for experimentation. It  will either look really cool and really bad, only one way to find out! Now I'm off to the Logan Lecture series... its been snowing all day today so driving is probably going to be a bear!

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