Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Studio day update

It will be a short blog update today because I'm off to the DAM Contemporary logan lecture series with Hung Lui this evening and I don't want to be late! She is one of my all time favorite Contemporary figure painters! Google her she is amazing!

So today I continued to work on the Sinful Delights painting, refining the cherries, strawberries and blackberries on or in all the pastries. I think I might still need to tweak the strawberries... much to my surprise the red paint from the currants and strawberry sauce that I painted last week was still wet! Had to spend some time cleaning up the smudges I stupidly did not knowing I still had wet paint on the canvas! Aside from the tweaking the last thing to do is to fine tune the glass ware and sign it! That will either be on Friday or next week... most likely next week because I have to sit the gallery on Friday and that will eat into studio time. Soooo close!

One final note, my website went live today so go check it out!! I'm still uploading my students work but otherwise it is ready for visitors!

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