Monday, January 4, 2016

Sinful Delights (progress update)

What a fantastic studio day, not just studio day but overall... I had a wonderful yoga session followed by the best mediation period I've ever had, then a long walk with Molly, my bone spur has healed enough that I can final start taking long walks again! Then with both body and mind in balance it was down to the studio. I spent the afternoon working on Sinful Delights giving texture to the ice cream and whip cream, adding richness to the chocolate syrup, more definition to the fruit in the tart and painting in a graham cracker stick that I over looked the last time I was working on the painting. Once dry, I will go back in and finish the strawberries and cherries and further refine the glassware.  Then perhaps additional highlights in the strawberry and chocolate syrup and more definition to the bottoms of the glassware to indicate that they are not floating in space. My goal is to complete this painting by the end of January so I can get it framed in February and ready for the show in March! 

Sadly I'm now off to pay bills! blah......

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