Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sinful Delights is finished!

Well I'm pleased to say that Sinful Delights is complete! I might do a little tweaking on the strawberry but only if I remember to pick up a strawberry from the grocery store to experiment with how it sits on a white surface... I can't decide if I want to imply a shadow or not. The subjects as a whole are not meant to be in a grounded space but all the same I might play around with it... as I'm looking at it, I also might tweak the top of the hot chocolate mug (the top left side looks like it is bowing out just a wee bit and that is bugging me but I will give it a day or two to rest and then see if it still bugs me... Otherwise next week its off to the framers! Actually I'm the framer so I will be off to pick up a frame and then its back to my portraits, prints and installation projects! And tonight is my sculpture class so yeah... more pastries!

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