Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Busy day in the Studio!

Today was a studio day an oh what a day! I started out by touching up Sinful Delights, the frame for that painting should be ready tomorrow. Then I started a new painting, American Beauties #5 - Sandy. I actually did the sketch for it on Monday but forgot to blog so you see the sketch, the photo reference and the painting all in one... as I look at the close up of the painting I see that I still need to do some tweaking around the chin. I will see if I can do that tomorrow after class. Then I will give it a few days so the paint can dry a bit before I decide if I need more tweaking or if this one is done! If its done I need to get my other models scheduled for a photo shoot so I can get going on those as well.

Once I finished up in the home studio, I headed out to the Art Students League for my sculpture class and spent the evening working on my cupcakes... Last week I glazed 5 pastries, so I was excited to see how they turned out... you can imagine my surprise when I got to class and discovered they had not been fired and there was a note saying the glaze was so cracked that if it were fired it would probably flake off! Boo.... I talked with my instructor and he said the glazes seemed a little thick when we were glazing last week so that is probably why it did what it did. So I set to work to rewet the glaze and smooth out the cracks... these are the cupcakes after I did that. So hopefully they will be good to go this time! I also glazed a sixth pastry and experimented with a new glaze color, fingers crossed it works out. I also got two others ready to be bisque fired, and made three cupcake wrappers of which I will add the cake part next week... not sure if I can put the icing on at that time or if I have to  waite another week to finish that step. I also started to glaze a seventh cupcake and will be experimenting with this one as well by painting a pinkish colored glazeon the wrapper on top of the white glaze I did and then I will dip the cake and icing part into another colored glaze... no idea how that one will turn out but its not one of my favorites so if I screw it up no foul done! Well that's it for now... its time for bed as I have an 8 am Life Drawing 1 class that I'm teaching tomorrow!

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