Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Busy day in the Studio!

Today was a studio day an oh what a day! I started out by touching up Sinful Delights, the frame for that painting should be ready tomorrow. Then I started a new painting, American Beauties #5 - Sandy. I actually did the sketch for it on Monday but forgot to blog so you see the sketch, the photo reference and the painting all in one... as I look at the close up of the painting I see that I still need to do some tweaking around the chin. I will see if I can do that tomorrow after class. Then I will give it a few days so the paint can dry a bit before I decide if I need more tweaking or if this one is done! If its done I need to get my other models scheduled for a photo shoot so I can get going on those as well.

Once I finished up in the home studio, I headed out to the Art Students League for my sculpture class and spent the evening working on my cupcakes... Last week I glazed 5 pastries, so I was excited to see how they turned out... you can imagine my surprise when I got to class and discovered they had not been fired and there was a note saying the glaze was so cracked that if it were fired it would probably flake off! Boo.... I talked with my instructor and he said the glazes seemed a little thick when we were glazing last week so that is probably why it did what it did. So I set to work to rewet the glaze and smooth out the cracks... these are the cupcakes after I did that. So hopefully they will be good to go this time! I also glazed a sixth pastry and experimented with a new glaze color, fingers crossed it works out. I also got two others ready to be bisque fired, and made three cupcake wrappers of which I will add the cake part next week... not sure if I can put the icing on at that time or if I have to  waite another week to finish that step. I also started to glaze a seventh cupcake and will be experimenting with this one as well by painting a pinkish colored glazeon the wrapper on top of the white glaze I did and then I will dip the cake and icing part into another colored glaze... no idea how that one will turn out but its not one of my favorites so if I screw it up no foul done! Well that's it for now... its time for bed as I have an 8 am Life Drawing 1 class that I'm teaching tomorrow!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Made it to the half way mark with the breast balloons!

Phew.... I've finally made it to the half way mark in creating my breast balloons for the One in Eight installation piece! I officially have 81 one breasts constructed only 79 more to go before the painting of the nipples begins Saddly I had to stop today because I ran out of filler... I even pinched the flour I had in the kitchen. So now on to grading and working on my Anderson Ranch scholarship application. After working in flour for the last hour and a half, perhaps a shower is in order first. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sinful Delights is finished!

Well I'm pleased to say that Sinful Delights is complete! I might do a little tweaking on the strawberry but only if I remember to pick up a strawberry from the grocery store to experiment with how it sits on a white surface... I can't decide if I want to imply a shadow or not. The subjects as a whole are not meant to be in a grounded space but all the same I might play around with it... as I'm looking at it, I also might tweak the top of the hot chocolate mug (the top left side looks like it is bowing out just a wee bit and that is bugging me but I will give it a day or two to rest and then see if it still bugs me... Otherwise next week its off to the framers! Actually I'm the framer so I will be off to pick up a frame and then its back to my portraits, prints and installation projects! And tonight is my sculpture class so yeah... more pastries!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Unimaginable Power of the Female Spirit (in-progress)

I've been working on and off on this concept sculpture for a while, not being sure where I wanted to take it but then an inspiration hit! This is only half of the piece... its hard to see I know but what you are looking at is a bees bax bird I sculpted in a metal vintage metal bird cage I found at one of our Sweet William Markets a few summers back. I'm in the process of melting the bird.  Now that I have this stage complete, I need to sand down the cage because the paint has bubbled and blacken from the fire, then I will give new life to the cage while the bird is still inside... The next thing on my 'to do' list is to figure out where I can get a piece of barn wood that I will use for the pedestal. If you have a suggestion as to where to get said wood please email me!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

One in Eight (update)

This term I'm teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 am - 1:30 pm with office hours following class so by the time I get home there isn't much studio time on these days. I decided this week I'd spend at least one hour each of those days in the studio so I can continue to move forward on my One in Eight installation. The above is what I was able to get accomplished in this two hour block divided between Tuesday and Thursday! Slowly I am getting there... I have 77 breasts filled so I'm not quite at the halfway mark. 

Still overall its been a productive week. I'm still working on my website, uploading examples of my students' work and tomorrow will be spend grading, writing a press release for Core New Art Space and sitting my gallery shift, so probably not much studio work to be done but again... it will be another productive day!

Hung Lui - Amazing Contemporary figure painter

I went to Hung Lui's lecture last night at the Denver Art Museum and it was amazing! What an interesting life, and how it has influenced her work, her subject matter etc... so inspiring and so personable and funny! I bought her book The Art of Hung Lui: Summoning Ghosts
while in graduate school and brought it last night to the lecture... here I am with her, that's my book she is signing! I think I'm going to frame this photo and hang it in my studio to bring artistic good karma to the studio!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Studio day update

It will be a short blog update today because I'm off to the DAM Contemporary logan lecture series with Hung Lui this evening and I don't want to be late! She is one of my all time favorite Contemporary figure painters! Google her she is amazing!

So today I continued to work on the Sinful Delights painting, refining the cherries, strawberries and blackberries on or in all the pastries. I think I might still need to tweak the strawberries... much to my surprise the red paint from the currants and strawberry sauce that I painted last week was still wet! Had to spend some time cleaning up the smudges I stupidly did not knowing I still had wet paint on the canvas! Aside from the tweaking the last thing to do is to fine tune the glass ware and sign it! That will either be on Friday or next week... most likely next week because I have to sit the gallery on Friday and that will eat into studio time. Soooo close!

One final note, my website went live today so go check it out!! I'm still uploading my students work but otherwise it is ready for visitors!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Building my Website

I spent the day building my new website and talk about your learning curve! But I'm happy to say I'm on my way! I've got the structure down (see above) and now I'm figuring out how to navigate the building of galleries and adding of images. I 'think' I have that structure built and I 'think' I understand what is going on so next studio day I will continue to populate my gallery with images and then buy and lauch the site! After that is done, I'm planning on revising my blog so that it is designed and works more as a blog (not a blog trying to be a website)... I've been wanting to do this for a while but I just wasn't ready, not any more... technology here I come!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Sinful Delights (progress update)

What a fantastic studio day, not just studio day but overall... I had a wonderful yoga session followed by the best mediation period I've ever had, then a long walk with Molly, my bone spur has healed enough that I can final start taking long walks again! Then with both body and mind in balance it was down to the studio. I spent the afternoon working on Sinful Delights giving texture to the ice cream and whip cream, adding richness to the chocolate syrup, more definition to the fruit in the tart and painting in a graham cracker stick that I over looked the last time I was working on the painting. Once dry, I will go back in and finish the strawberries and cherries and further refine the glassware.  Then perhaps additional highlights in the strawberry and chocolate syrup and more definition to the bottoms of the glassware to indicate that they are not floating in space. My goal is to complete this painting by the end of January so I can get it framed in February and ready for the show in March! 

Sadly I'm now off to pay bills! blah......