Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sinful Delights (working title)

First studio day after the Thanksgiving holiday and it was wonderful! I finally got started on actually painting Sinful Delights. Much of this is what I'm considering the underpainting as I'm planning on building it up with glazes and impasto layers depending on the different sections, i.e. the whip cream and ice cream will have some impasto medium added, possibly the banana but the glass (of which I have not painted yet) will be built up with glazes.

Then I'm experimenting with a little different approach with the environment around the pastries... it probably hard to see right now but I'm painting a kind of doily collage that breaks up the negative space - this is a new thing for me so we will see if it works. In general, I'm please with the progress thus far. Its for a show I was invited to participate in, March of 2016 - the theme is more or less food/dinning etc... its a 3-d show but they wanted some 2-d work for the walls and invited me! 

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