Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sinful Delight (progress report)

After spending the morning wrapping Christmas presents I spent the afternoon painting in the studio. I primarily worked on the right hand side, on the background, the ice cream cup and the hot chocolate. I also took another pass at the whip cream throughout the composition. Next studio day I will continue working on the Sunday glass and the banana split bowl. 

Last night was my sculpture class (I keep forgetting to take progress photos of the cupcakes I'm working on in class). I test glazed one cupcake, and finished icing the other four I'd make the week before. In addition I went through the entire stock of glazes trying to find just the right color(s) for the cupcakes - finally found two sample swatches but the League didn't have the glazes so I will be picking these up prior to the next class. I also experimented with combining porcelain slip (for the icing) with clay cupcakes as well as porcelain clay for the cherries... we shall see what the two textures look like together.  I'm also exploring different ways I can make the cherry stem, metal verses clay verses no stem. My instructor for the class is awesome! In addition to teaching me how to create clay sculptures, he is also helping me figure out my hanging shelf system for the exhibition!

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