Tuesday, December 1, 2015

One in Eight (progress update)

Just a quick progress update... it was also a great studio day because I had a studio assistant (one other than my 4 legged furry friend) who helped out by filling more balloons for my One in Eight installation. It was awesome because in this case my assistant was the inspiration for this piece! Mom... worked along side me, while I was at the easel she poured flour... I think she successfully filled and sewed 6 balloons. Slowly but surely I'm completing the first phase of this project, I (we) have about 115 more to fill, then its on to phase two which involves painting 160 nipples (not in oil as I've learned is not a good medium for this project)... once those are complete then I need to find a location to exhibit this what I hope to be powerful installation.  Over break, I'm hoping to head up to Boulder to check out the MCA there with the idea of it being a possible venue. If it looks like a good location, then I have to figure out how to convince them it is a worth piece to exhibit!  Well best be getting ready to teach my Portrait Painting class at the Art Students League of Denver. Its the last class before Christmas although many of my students are asking to continue on so we are working on setting up another section after the holidays! I'm calling this one "Portrait Painting Off the Grid" since  it is not officially on the schedule.

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