Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sinful delights (working title)

So earlier this fall I was invited to be a 2D artist in the Art Students League of Denver's delecTABLE: The Fine Art of Dining - Third Biennial National Juried Exhibit of Functional Ceramics which as you can see is actually a ceramics show but they also want art for the walls and so I was invited to exhibit as well. I've been researching and working on a concept of which I sketched out, messed around with the composition and today has finally started the painting. I'm still figuring out the background - thinking of creating fragments and patterns of the white doylies that are often placed under these delightful treats but we shall see... I want it to be an explosion of bright candy colors of varying pinks and reds mixed with chocolates and ochre, whites and creams with the background being busy but subdues so that it doesn't distract from the pastries (I've no idea what it is with me and pastries this year! 

In any case it should be fun to paint. I'm going to also use impasto so I can get some rich cream texture going on in the ice cream, whip cream and icing... should look fantastic OR turn into a complete disaster only time will tell....

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