Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Preliminary sketch for Delectable Table 2016 painting

Actually this is sketch #2 as the first one I did not scale down properly.... never say an old dog can't learn new tricks as today I finally figured out the correct way to scale down an image so I can create a sketch that is in proportion to the canvas size... all these years I've been eyeballing it but decided today I needed to figure it out only to discover it was just working with fractions and ratios... serves me right for hating math and trying to avoid it at all cost! Anyway... this is a rough sketch, I think I need to move the strawberry over to the right just a wee bit and perhaps the strawberry shortcake over to the left a half an inch or maybe a whole inch... will play around with it some more. I also need to pick up some of those white paper doylies and mess around with that pattern/texture in the background... it's not to be a still life persay but painted more like a collage with patterns and texture combined with the pastries.

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