Tuesday, October 13, 2015

American Beauty # 3 - Martha

So American Beauty #3 is complete and man was that brutal! I'd loose the shape of the cheek, forehead and or hair, find it, loose it and find it again, tweak upon tweak upon tweak until it felt and looked right but I think I've finally got it and the above is it!  I'm thinking I will take a little break before I start American Beauty #4 - Becky, do some work on my One in Eight installation and Male Gaze experiments. I will work on those projects for a couple of weeks and then come back to the beauty series... I also need to start my concept sketches for the Delectable Table 2016 exhibition, I need to figure out how to scale down my sketch from a 30 x 40 canvas... never have figured out how to do that! Math... has always been my down fall! But for now, I need to prep for my Portrait Painting class! Looking for a fun night of teaching at the League!

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