Thursday, October 8, 2015

American Beauty #3 (in progress)

No stupid paintbrush day in the studio today, THANK GOD! I made a lot of good progress on American Beauty #3, I'm thinking one more studio day and I should be able to wrap this one up. I still see some tweaks I need to do, possibly on the values on the side of the face that is in shadows, possibly adjusting the size of the eye on the left just a wee bit, she is smiling and squinting so I'm on the fence about that tweak... I will let the paint cure and give it a day or two before I decide. I'm also still working on the mouth and chin (I was avoiding the mouth all day - I hate painting teeth!) I'm also thinking I might need to bring the hair up on the right side, maybe just a strain or two so the oval shape of her face is more apparent. Otherwise it was a great day in the studio AND I even worked on my One in Eight installation!

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