Friday, October 16, 2015

99 Names for Boobs series: # 99 Huge Tracks of Land

Sometimes nature presents you with the perfect image! I present to you 99 Names for Boobs series: #99 Huge Tracks of Land! Seriously I don't think I could have done better with my paint brush this image is just perfect for #99... Interestingly Andy pointed it out to me when we were hiking up to Saint Mary's Glazier early this month (leave it to a man to find the breast in nature! Actually I'm reall thankful he did and then called my attention to it - good eye Andy my love!) I got to thinking about it again when I saw a call for entries for Photography, I'm going see how this prints out (I took it with my trusty iPhone) as far as quality goes... then either submit it to the call for entry or store it as part of what is turning out to be an eclectic series! The next question is, what size should I print it? 

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