Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Preliminary sketch for Delectable Table 2016 painting

Actually this is sketch #2 as the first one I did not scale down properly.... never say an old dog can't learn new tricks as today I finally figured out the correct way to scale down an image so I can create a sketch that is in proportion to the canvas size... all these years I've been eyeballing it but decided today I needed to figure it out only to discover it was just working with fractions and ratios... serves me right for hating math and trying to avoid it at all cost! Anyway... this is a rough sketch, I think I need to move the strawberry over to the right just a wee bit and perhaps the strawberry shortcake over to the left a half an inch or maybe a whole inch... will play around with it some more. I also need to pick up some of those white paper doylies and mess around with that pattern/texture in the background... it's not to be a still life persay but painted more like a collage with patterns and texture combined with the pastries.

Friday, October 16, 2015

99 Names for Boobs series: # 99 Huge Tracks of Land

Sometimes nature presents you with the perfect image! I present to you 99 Names for Boobs series: #99 Huge Tracks of Land! Seriously I don't think I could have done better with my paint brush this image is just perfect for #99... Interestingly Andy pointed it out to me when we were hiking up to Saint Mary's Glazier early this month (leave it to a man to find the breast in nature! Actually I'm reall thankful he did and then called my attention to it - good eye Andy my love!) I got to thinking about it again when I saw a call for entries for Photography, I'm going see how this prints out (I took it with my trusty iPhone) as far as quality goes... then either submit it to the call for entry or store it as part of what is turning out to be an eclectic series! The next question is, what size should I print it? 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

American Beauty # 3 - Martha

So American Beauty #3 is complete and man was that brutal! I'd loose the shape of the cheek, forehead and or hair, find it, loose it and find it again, tweak upon tweak upon tweak until it felt and looked right but I think I've finally got it and the above is it!  I'm thinking I will take a little break before I start American Beauty #4 - Becky, do some work on my One in Eight installation and Male Gaze experiments. I will work on those projects for a couple of weeks and then come back to the beauty series... I also need to start my concept sketches for the Delectable Table 2016 exhibition, I need to figure out how to scale down my sketch from a 30 x 40 canvas... never have figured out how to do that! Math... has always been my down fall! But for now, I need to prep for my Portrait Painting class! Looking for a fun night of teaching at the League!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

American Beauty #3 (in progress)

No stupid paintbrush day in the studio today, THANK GOD! I made a lot of good progress on American Beauty #3, I'm thinking one more studio day and I should be able to wrap this one up. I still see some tweaks I need to do, possibly on the values on the side of the face that is in shadows, possibly adjusting the size of the eye on the left just a wee bit, she is smiling and squinting so I'm on the fence about that tweak... I will let the paint cure and give it a day or two before I decide. I'm also still working on the mouth and chin (I was avoiding the mouth all day - I hate painting teeth!) I'm also thinking I might need to bring the hair up on the right side, maybe just a strain or two so the oval shape of her face is more apparent. Otherwise it was a great day in the studio AND I even worked on my One in Eight installation!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

American Beauty #3 - Martha (in progress)

Ugh.... when my students have an off drawing day they say they have 'stupid fingers', today I started American Beauty #3 and I had a 'Stupid Brush' day! I sketched American Beauty #3 out on the canvas board and painted her about half way and wasn't happy with it so I wiped the board clean and started over! More stupid brush but finally started to turn her around, by painting and wiping and carving out the shape of the head. She has these really beautiful smile lines around her eyes and wrapping around her cheeks that I really want to capture. I took the picture when we were on a schooner ridge in Newport so of course she is smiling (did I mention I hate painting mouths with teeth!)  That being said, I'm always up for a challenge and I think this beauty is going to be just that! I will be back at it on Thursday. Considering the struggles, I'm not sure I will get her finished but will give it my all! Sooo... more on Thursday!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

99 Names for Boobs series: #79 Balloons

So I took a little break from the American Beauty series to create this drawing so I could submit it to a drawing competition called Shades of Gray. If accepted my drawing would be featured in the Drawing magazine and I'd receive a cash award! I figured why not give it a try... this ideas has been bouncing around in my little artist brain so it gave me an excuse to draw it! Now back to painting portraits!