Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Male Gaze Experiment #1

Dang it! The photo looks crooked, or maybe it's the print that is crooked?! In any case this is my first experiment combining the image of a mirror with the eye of a man. This concept also has to do with objectification and the idea of when we  (women or females as this could also apply to teenage girls) look in the mirror are we viewing ourselves through our eyes or that of the male gender? This is just the start of my experiments on this concept. As I research images of mirrors, I will explore different mediums to use to create the frames of the mirrors. In place of the actual mirror I will continue to paint the male eye.

I created this frame using paper plate lithography. I'm thinking a trip to Good Will our an Antique store might be in order as it might be fun to find a vintage compact mirror and actually paint on the mirror! I'm also tossing around the idea of using gold leaf to create a mirror but that idea is still developing in my little brain. More later on these experiments...

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