Thursday, September 24, 2015

American Beauty #3 (Martha) - preliminary sketch

It was a productive day in the studio. I worked on my One in Eight installation piece, experimented with a collage concept, researched more mirrors and finished the day with this priliminary sketch for American Beauty #3. I drew the smile lines a little darker than I would have liked but I did it so I could see them better when I go to paint this lovely lady (she is Andy's boss! as well as one of my patrons). I was explaining my series to her when we were in Newport for Andy's ECOS meeting and she volunteered to be one of my models. I was concerned about getting on her crazy busy calendar to photograph her but lucked out when we all went on a Scooner ride (being the prepared artist that I am, I brought my camera and managed to snap this image). Normally I don't go for portraits with teeth but I think this one might work out as she has such beautiful smile lines. I do think I need to tweak the teeth a wee bit but otherwise this will be a good reference sketch to work from! 

Now off to walk Molly before I head out to my gallery meeting at Core New Art Space. Hoping to squeeze in a bit of meditation before the meeting. 

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