Tuesday, September 22, 2015

American Beauty #2 (Meg)

I present American Beauty #2 (Meg) I think she might be done but I want to give it a day or two to see if I want to tweak her lips a wee bit on the right side as well as anything else that might jump out at me after not viewing her for a few days. Over all I am very please with how this one turned out. Definitely feel like I'm getting my painting MoJo back (stupid cupcakes... what the hell was I thinking, I paint people not pastries!) My dear friend Lisa Kennedy told me about another artist (Ray Turner) who did a series called Populations where he painted 12 x 12 portraits of people and it seemed to be well recieved but the art community in CA. Whereas his presents images of the population and my series focuses on women who are 60 years of age or older and the contemplation of objectification and how women of a certain age view themselves as well as how society views them, it is validating to know that other established artists are using portraiture as a venue to create contemporary art. This makes me happy!

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