Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Studio in Print Shop mode

Today I'm doing some printmaking! It's an experiment that will combine oil painting and lithography. If it works I will use the experiment for my submission to the Core Mixed Media show that is coming up in November - check it out on CAFE call for entries! From there it could turn into yet another series that explores the concept of the male gaze... combining the concept of the mirror and the male eye. The first print worked so now I've up scaled it and am waiting for the tile guy to leave so I can head to kinko's to make copies so I can continue printing..., once the print is dry I will gesso a portion of the paper and start the oil paint component of the piece. But for now, since I'm still waiting on this guy (the grout was cracking into pieces in all the bathrooms except for the one in the basement, thank God!) I will stretch and gesso a couple of canvas' for the next set of diptych's for the cupcake series! I love studio days....

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