Friday, August 7, 2015

Sweater Stretchers diptych (in-progress)

Ok so now that I think I have my painting Mojo back, I'm liking the progress of the cupcake series much better... its amazing how much having an actual reference there to observe makes such a difference, even if I'm then manipulating the image by changing the color.... its great too because I can also manipulate the object I'm observing... in this case I scrunched the wrapper of the cupcake so that the cake started to pop out, my goal was to make the wrapper resemble a waist line while also representing the concept of a sweater... my green sweater from long ago. 

I'm also starting to get a feel for the folds of the icing, again thanks to sketches made from observations from life... observing the icing helped me get my head around the shadows and highlights and how the interacted with the folds. Just think by the time I'm finished painting a dozen cupcakes I will have mastered painting icing! The beauty of repetitive painting! 

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