Tuesday, August 25, 2015

American Beauty #1

So this experiment marks the start of my American Beauty series and will also be my submission for the Art Students League of Denver's exhibition titled Disemboidied - A Head and Figure Exhibition. This beautiful lady is my mom. After years of dying her hair red, she has let it go natural and dispite us all telling her how amazingly beautiful she is with this new hair style she is still unsure, which some how feels like it fits into the concept of this series which is the exploration of the question "at what point in our lives or at what age as women does society, do men, and do we stop objectifying ourselves?" I might also add she is a breast cancer surviver. 

As I begin this exploration, I've decided to paint a series of 6x6 portraits (60 plus portraits) of women who are age 60 and older not because I think this is the age that objectification stops but as a starting point to pose this question... first to the subject and then to society. Because this concept is still developing I haven't decided if I will also interview my subjects on the topic of objectification and or include the conversation as part of the installation/series. But for now... I give you my mom, a woman I admire greatly and love deeply.

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