Tuesday, August 18, 2015

American Beauty #1 (in progress)

This is the first of a series of 60 + portraits, it is still a work in preogress, I think I've got the face a little thick but until I get the glasses painted in I won't be able to correct it. Obviously I still have work to do on the nose and mouth and hair. I also think I will lighten the background a bit. I was going for a color that would bring out the color in the eyes but this is too dark I think. Over all I'm pleased with this first stage, more definition will come the next time I work on it and then I'm thinking one more pass through after that for tweaks and fine tuning, so at least two more days of work but it won't be full days. This by the way is my mom.

I'm still getting use to painting on these extra thick 6 inch by 6 inch panels so there is still a bit of a learning curve going on. All the same, it is nice to take a little break from cupcakes and get back to painting portraits... I love skin tones and mapping out the proportions of the face!

I also got a drawing completed for my "Male Gaze" mixed media experiment and once I finish here I'm going to start sketching out my image for the "Beach Umbrellas" lithograph print. All three images are experiments that if they work will then be turned into exhibition submits (three in total in addtion to 3 other submision I'm working on! Its going to be a busy night I think!

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