Friday, August 28, 2015

New Publication of which my Thesis is featured!

Check out this new online Women's magazine, very cool and very much in line with the concepts of which I create my art! So much so that as one of their first articles they published my thesis! Sweet.... you can read it at

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Studio in Print Shop mode

Today I'm doing some printmaking! It's an experiment that will combine oil painting and lithography. If it works I will use the experiment for my submission to the Core Mixed Media show that is coming up in November - check it out on CAFE call for entries! From there it could turn into yet another series that explores the concept of the male gaze... combining the concept of the mirror and the male eye. The first print worked so now I've up scaled it and am waiting for the tile guy to leave so I can head to kinko's to make copies so I can continue printing..., once the print is dry I will gesso a portion of the paper and start the oil paint component of the piece. But for now, since I'm still waiting on this guy (the grout was cracking into pieces in all the bathrooms except for the one in the basement, thank God!) I will stretch and gesso a couple of canvas' for the next set of diptych's for the cupcake series! I love studio days....

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

American Beauty #1

So this experiment marks the start of my American Beauty series and will also be my submission for the Art Students League of Denver's exhibition titled Disemboidied - A Head and Figure Exhibition. This beautiful lady is my mom. After years of dying her hair red, she has let it go natural and dispite us all telling her how amazingly beautiful she is with this new hair style she is still unsure, which some how feels like it fits into the concept of this series which is the exploration of the question "at what point in our lives or at what age as women does society, do men, and do we stop objectifying ourselves?" I might also add she is a breast cancer surviver. 

As I begin this exploration, I've decided to paint a series of 6x6 portraits (60 plus portraits) of women who are age 60 and older not because I think this is the age that objectification stops but as a starting point to pose this question... first to the subject and then to society. Because this concept is still developing I haven't decided if I will also interview my subjects on the topic of objectification and or include the conversation as part of the installation/series. But for now... I give you my mom, a woman I admire greatly and love deeply.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

American Beauty #1 (in progress)

This is the first of a series of 60 + portraits, it is still a work in preogress, I think I've got the face a little thick but until I get the glasses painted in I won't be able to correct it. Obviously I still have work to do on the nose and mouth and hair. I also think I will lighten the background a bit. I was going for a color that would bring out the color in the eyes but this is too dark I think. Over all I'm pleased with this first stage, more definition will come the next time I work on it and then I'm thinking one more pass through after that for tweaks and fine tuning, so at least two more days of work but it won't be full days. This by the way is my mom.

I'm still getting use to painting on these extra thick 6 inch by 6 inch panels so there is still a bit of a learning curve going on. All the same, it is nice to take a little break from cupcakes and get back to painting portraits... I love skin tones and mapping out the proportions of the face!

I also got a drawing completed for my "Male Gaze" mixed media experiment and once I finish here I'm going to start sketching out my image for the "Beach Umbrellas" lithograph print. All three images are experiments that if they work will then be turned into exhibition submits (three in total in addtion to 3 other submision I'm working on! Its going to be a busy night I think!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sweater Stretchers Diptych

Sweater Stretchers 
Diptych, 30 x 30 inches each

So I think these little cupcakes are complete, unless I decide to noodle with them a little more as I start work on another set... I'm starting to get the hang of painting the swirling frosting. The next set of cupcakes in paint will be Scooby Snacks, but I need to stretch more canvas and gesso so in the mean time the next set of cupcakes in the series will be Beach Umbrellas and I've decided to create those using my old friend paper plate lithography. That way I can also submit that piece in the open call Printmaking exhibition at the Art Students League of Denver.  My thought was I'd make 12 paintings of cupcakes and then another dozen in a variety of media... I'm still trying to decide if I like my first set of cupcakes Sisters where I also wrote the slang names for breasts in the white background, some days I like them, some days I don't. Sweater Stretchers does not have the writing, instead the slang is the title of the diptch. Well... back to work! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sweater Stretchers diptych (in-progress)

Ok so now that I think I have my painting Mojo back, I'm liking the progress of the cupcake series much better... its amazing how much having an actual reference there to observe makes such a difference, even if I'm then manipulating the image by changing the color.... its great too because I can also manipulate the object I'm observing... in this case I scrunched the wrapper of the cupcake so that the cake started to pop out, my goal was to make the wrapper resemble a waist line while also representing the concept of a sweater... my green sweater from long ago. 

I'm also starting to get a feel for the folds of the icing, again thanks to sketches made from observations from life... observing the icing helped me get my head around the shadows and highlights and how the interacted with the folds. Just think by the time I'm finished painting a dozen cupcakes I will have mastered painting icing! The beauty of repetitive painting!