Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sisters Diptych completed

Sisters diptch is complete! It is the first of the cupcake painting series which is titled Huge Tracks of Land, thank you Monty Python! Sisters is one of a multitude of not so complimentary, often boarding on rediculously silly names that society has over the years given to women's breasts. The color scheme was my first attempt at painting in more or less a monochromatic palette and took its inspiration from the Putnam sisters - their favorite colors are pink and purple. Having spent many an afternoon at the Stapleton pool with the girls and many a child from the neighborhood community, I also drew from the way parents (moms?) dress their kids, often in identical clothing with perhaps the only variation being the color. Yes, my paintings pull from my surroundings and are influenced by my environment but then again so was Mary Cassatt's work so I think I've placed myself in good company!

Next up ... Sweater Stretches!

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