Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sisters - Pink (in progress)

Finally back in the studio! I didn't realize how drained I was of energy until I started working in the studio this morning and felt myself coming back to life... even though the life of an artist is hard, I just can't imagine doing anything else. Seriously... if I can feel revitalized just by picking up a paint brush and working on my art...

So this is the second half of my first diptych for my Huge Tracks of Land series (aka the cupcake series), the HTL will be the title of my show coming in 2016. In any case, it was a productive morning getting all the under painting down. I need more color details in the wrapper and some tweaking on the back side I think... didn't notice it until I took the photograph. Then more value to the actual cupcake and value and texture to the icing, some with the cherry. I'm thinking too I might do a light glaze of soft yellow and then another glaze of soft pink before I go back over it in the final(ish) glaze of white... I'm going for a monocromatic color palette similiar to the violet (aka purple) cupcake which is its mate. I'm so tempted to throw in some green to really activate the red in the pink but that is for another diptych... I haven't decided how may sets I want to do for this series, some days I think six (for a total of 12 paintings) but then other days I think more... just not sure. I do know painting this one is so much easier than the first one I painted... probably because that was the first one and I was still working out the kinks?

I'm also tossing around the idea of making some tee-shirts that relate to the series... Andy has been wanting to collaborate and he is currently into silkscreening. We were going to make a series of shirts that focused on my Genealogy of Hair but then my French teacher gave me a tee-shirt from Paris that was a grid of famous peoples hair so that shot down that idea... so now I'm thinking cupcakes! Perhaps with a bit of text underneath.... Do you like my Cupcakes? It could be fun! I need to get a few more paintings completed before I start playing around with the printing and silkscreening.

I still have a few more studio hours left before I pack it up for the day and focus on the girls so I think after lunch its on to some work on my installation! Man does it feel good to be back in the studio!

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