Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The cupcake series in progress

Finally  what I call a successful day of painting! So this is the start of my Cupcake series. It is actually the second stage that began with the Cupcake lithographys I made last year, those prints where prototypes for this larger painting series. This being my first series after graduate school my goal is to create a number of challenges for myself so I can continue the growth I achieved while in school. So with this series, I am experimenting with painting large scale still lifes from my head (imagination) using various photo reference but really not having an actual object for me to paint from observation, so there is challenge #1. The next challenge is I am trying to incorporate text into the image but in a way that is subtle and perhap a bit ambitous so the concept is not smacking the viewer in the face (meaning perhaps all is not what it seems and contemplation will have to occur while looking at the paintings), so that is challenge #2. In order to get the text to be both visible and invisible I've been experimenting with a number of ways to write in paint with the latest one using an extender called impasto... when mixed with paint it makes it super thick so I can write in it and then paint over it and you can still see the writing... each glaze (which is challenge #4) will hopefully push the text further back so it will catch the viewer off guard when looking at the image of a cupcake... wondering why in the hell are they looking at a room full of patries?

Each pastry will be a diptych because as you know 'cupcakes' (at least the kind I am painting about) always come in pairs! There will be big ones (such as this one titled 'Sisters') and small ones, short ones and tall ones, each set with a different set of words or names if you will written across the the canvas from top to bottom and title coming from the text that is carved out in paint...

Of course this whole series could be a total flop which is why I also have the 'One in Eight' installation piece that I am working on as well as a new portrait series underway! My thought is, if I can paint the cupcakes really well, even if the concept falls short and my audience doesn't get it, at least I've continued to hone my painting skills and in the end will have perfected my ability to paint... if not anything else, a truly delicious pastry!

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