Friday, May 8, 2015


Finally getting back to painting portraits! Man I'm out of practice. A dear friend suggested that in stead of painting epic huge portraits that consume a ton of time and are freakishly expensive to paint 6 x 6 portraits at $200 a pop... I like that idea! It will keep me in practice (maybe earn some income - at some point) and allows me to focus on the various series that I also like to work on, specifically the two series I'm working on during the year 2015, for shows in 2016... Series #1 is titled Huge Tracks of Land and series #2 is an installation titled Eight in One. If my classmates from MassArt will remember what my thesis panel asked (what will be my next topic?) ... if they remember my reply then yiu (they) know what these series are about.... the rest of the world? Well you will just have to wait until 2016!

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this painting of my dear friend Irene, who has been a mentor, a friend and a colleague for more years than I can remember.  Love you Kitty Lizard Kat!

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