Friday, February 20, 2015

Reconfiguring my Life In the Studio blog

So as I continue to figure out what it is I'm doing in this next chapter of my professional life I got to thinking about how I use my blog and I think a revamp is in order.  My blog is titled Life in the Studio but it seems I've gotten away from that concept. Its time to get back to the roots of this blog which was to document my life in the studio, talk about what I'm doing... kind of an online studio journal open to those interested in following an artists life in the studio.

In trying to create some kind of order in my creative life and or artistic practice I've created a schedule for myself. This helps ensure that I make time for my studio practice. Right now this schedule gives me two days in the studio (Tuesdays and Thursday - this will change when I start teaching on ground in March).

Thursday was a productive studio day. I turned 7 of my sea glass drawings into paper plate lithograph prints. Next week I will hand paint them with watercolor.  My goal is to make all the prints for this artist book and then create the Haiku poems that will accompany each page (each print equals a page in the book). It is a laborious process to create basically one work of art (the book), but it allows me to continue working and making art without a formal studio space (I make the prints in my kitchen... I have a little corner in the library that acts as my studio cubby). Once my studio is finished, I might slow down on this project to start on a painting series I've been dying to work on... if that series works it will be my 2016 show for Core New Art Space!  but until then... here are some pictures of Life in the Studio on Thursday!

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